The Wealth Reflex™


Wealth Reflex™

A Mind/Body/Spirit Approach to Increase

Personal, Professional, Financial & Spiritual Prosperity

Do you want more money?
Do you want to be more personally empowered?
Do you want to achieve increased professional success?
Do you want to live a more rewarding and purpose-filled life?

Ten years before “The Secret” ever hit the screen – the Wealth Reflex™ was used by a small group of professionals to achieve amazing success in their personal, professional, financial and even in their spiritual lives!

The Wealth Reflex™ is a term coined by its author Evan W. Richards describing the natural, innate right, ability and inherent creative power within every human being to live a prosperous and abundance-filled life.

The Wealth Reflex™ is a composite book, training manual and system that was first published in 1997 for the purpose of establishing more empowered results among business owners, CEO’s and entrepreneurially-minded professionals to achieving greater financial prosperity and professional success in their own areas of specialization.

The book was so beautifully simple, and yet so powerful that it sold nationwide for sixteen-hundred dollars per manual - and included a short series of 30-minute consultations.

As of January of 2008 the author of the Wealth Reflex™, made this book not only available for everyone - but affordable for everyone - by placing a twenty-five dollar purchase price on the manual.

This means that the Wealth Reflex™ is now available, and easily affordable to you to! If you have not heard about – or read this book yet – you need to! If you desire greater success in your life…in any area of your life…you need to read the Wealth Reflex™. It’s just that simple.

If you will read this book and implement the two very simple, yet very powerful, universal principles contained therein you will guarantee for yourself more prosperity and abundance than ever before!